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Hidden in the heart of Rome, there is a centuries-old relic shrouded in mystery and superstition: the Mouth of Truth.

This iconic stone mask, famous for its enigmatic origins and unique legend, has attracted pilgrims and intrigued travelers for generations.


In this exploration, we delve into the fascinating history and enduring fascination of the Bocca della Verità in Italy.




A stone with secrets:
The Mouth of Truth, a round marble disk carved with the face of a bearded man, dates back to Roman times, perhaps as early as the first century.

Its original function is still debated among historians, but it is generally believed to have been part of a Roman fountain or a manhole in a public building.

Despite its humble origins, this stone mask has become an enduring symbol of Rome’s rich history.


Superstition and legend:
What sets the Mouth of Truth apart is the legend that has developed around it. According to a popular belief, if a person tells a lie by placing his or her hand inside the mouth, the Mouth closes, detaching the hand from the body.

This superstition has made the Mouth a unique destination for the curious and the faithful who want to test their honesty and courage.


Cultural icon:
Over the centuries, the Mouth of Truth has transcended its origin to become an integral part of Roman culture and tradition.

It is featured in literature, movies, and countless stories that heighten its fascination and mystique.

The Mouth’s cameo in the classic film “Roman Holiday” solidified its place in popular culture.



Visiting the Mouth:
Today visitors to Rome can experience the intrigue of the Mouth of Truth by going to the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, where the mask is kept. Pilgrims and tourists come to test their honesty and take a memorable photo with their hand inside the gaping mouth.


Preserving history:
To ensure that the Mouth of Truth continues to fascinate and inspire, preservation efforts are ongoing. The mask has undergone restoration and measures to protect it from the elements, allowing future generations to experience its enigmatic presence.


The Mouth of Truth is a testament to the enduring appeal of history and folklore, encapsulating the very essence of Rome, a city where past and present coexist harmoniously. As visitors from around the world seek to test their honesty and confront its legend, the Mouth of Truth continues to be a symbol of the intrigue, superstition and timeless charm of Italy’s eternal city.

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