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Spaghetti with clams is a classic recipe of Italian cuisine, we can say, without fear of contradiction, that this dish is one of the most popular and replicated seafood first courses all over the world, even the version of spaghetti with clams in red is very renowned on the tables of Italians and others.






  • 14 oz of Spaghetti
  • 2.2 pounds of clams
  • parsley to taste
  • half a glass of white wine
  • 2 garlic clove
  • 1 red chili pepper
  • 4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
  • salt to taste




To be done a few hours before the actual preparation: remove the clams from their netting and place them inside a colander that can hold them all, place the colander in a bowl just the right size to hold them all to the brim and fill with fresh water, tap water is fine.

Let the clams soak for several hours, until it is time to use them.


Take the colander out of the bowl with all the clams inside; you will see that the water remaining in the bowl will be cloudy and laden with the sand that the clams have purged. Rinse the clams one last time under running water and place them in a pot, cover with the lid and turn on the heat.

You will see that within a few minutes the clams will begin to open from the heat.

Keep them on the fire for a couple of minutes, still covered until they are all open, after which you turn off the fire and remove the lid.

In a cutting board put the parsley and peeled garlic, with a well-sharpened small knife chop everything together so that the two ingredients are mixed.

Take the clams back, remove the empty and broken shells, and, very importantly, discard any shellfish that did not open with the heat of the stove.

Move the good clams to a bowl and, in another bowl, strain the liquid released during the hot opening.

Take a large frying pan, large enough to hold even the cooked spaghetti, ves the extra-virgin olive oil, add the chopped herbs, heat for a minute or so and then add the clams along with the strained liquid.

Stir to flavor, after a few minutes, when the liquid begins to recede, deglaze with white wine, let it evaporate and turn off.

Fill the pot to cook the spaghetti with water, when the water comes to a boil, lower the flame and throw in a handful of coarse salt.

Raise the flame again to return to a boil and pour in the spaghetti, cook until al dente, for this recipe you need to remove the pasta at least 2 minutes before the time indicated on the package, this is because the cooking will be finished in the pan with the sauce.

When it is 2 minutes before the pasta is cooked, drain it and put it in the pan with the clams.

Add a ladleful of the cooking water and cook over high heat, stirring and shaking the pan.

Also add red pepper cut into small rounds and more parsley if you like.

Cook until the cooking water is absorbed.

You can decide to bring the spaghetti alle vongole to the table by leaving it in the pan, then each diner will make his or her own dish, or you can bring pre-made dishes, in which case remember to distribute the seasoning evenly!


TIPS (If you use fresh clams)

How long should I soak the clams for?

Clams should be soaked for at least 2 hours, in drinking water.

This is the amount of time it takes for the mussels to lose sand. Some people put salt to make it easier, I recommend doing this if you are short on time, otherwise use water without salt for more than two hours and you will get the same result.

After buying them, how long can I keep the clams in the refrigerator before cooking them?
Being very delicate mollusks, once purchased clams should be consumed within the day.

But is it really necessary to purge the clams?

The ones I bought don’t seem to be sandy!

I recommend that you never skip soaking the clams, if you get sand in your teeth while eating you will have irreparably ruined a not-so-cheap recipe!



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