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Italian cuisine is renowned for its delicious and diverse array of dishes, from pasta and pizza to gelato and tiramisu.

Among the many delectable offerings, one dessert that stands out is the “sfogliatella.”

This traditional Italian pastry is a true delicacy, but for many Americans, its pronunciation can be a bit of a tongue-twister.

So, let’s demystify it and learn how to pronounce “sfogliatella” the Italian way.



First Things First: What is Sfogliatella? Before we dive into pronunciation, let’s have a quick introduction to this delightful treat. Sfogliatella is a classic Italian pastry hailing from the Campania region, particularly Naples. It’s known for its unique shell-like shape and crispy, flaky layers filled with a sweet and aromatic ricotta cheese and citrus-infused filling. The name “sfogliatella” is derived from the Italian word “sfogliare,” which means “to leaf” or “to layer.” This name aptly describes the multiple layers of delicate pastry that make up this dessert.

How to Pronounce Sfogliatella: The Italian Way The Italian pronunciation of “sfogliatella” can be a bit challenging for Americans due to the abundance of consonants and the unique combination of sounds. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Sfo-: Start with the “sf” sound, which is a bit unusual for English speakers. To pronounce it correctly, place your top teeth against your lower lip and exhale while making an “ss” sound. Think of it as a soft “s” sound.
  2. -gliatella: Now, let’s tackle the rest of the word. It’s pronounced as “lyah-teh-lah.” The “gli” is similar to the “lli” in the English word “million,” and the “te” sounds like “teh,” with a soft “t.” Finally, the “la” at the end is straightforward, similar to “la” in “laundry.”

Putting it all together: Sfo-lyah-teh-lah

Remember, the stress falls on the “lyah” part, so it’s “sfogliatella” with an emphasis on the “lyah.”

How Americans Often Pronounce Sfogliatella For many Americans, pronouncing “sfogliatella” can be quite a challenge due to the unique sounds and combinations in Italian. As a result, you might hear a few variations, such as “sfo-glee-uh-tell-uh” or “sfo-lee-uh-tell-uh.” These approximations are perfectly understandable and show an appreciation for this delicious pastry.

Ultimately, what’s most important is enjoying the sfogliatella, no matter how you pronounce it. Whether you say it with an Americanized accent or the Italian flair, it’s a dessert that transcends language barriers and delights taste buds around the world. So, the next time you visit an Italian bakery, don’t be afraid to give “sfogliatella” a try, however you choose to say it!

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