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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, are a delicious appetizer; an easy recipe to recycle pumpkin seeds and prepare roasted pumpkin seeds at home just like the ones you bought!

Rich in beneficial properties, vitamins and antioxidants; they prove to be not only tasty appetizer snacks, but one of those versatile seeds in the kitchen perfect for a thousand uses!

This is a simple Recipe that I now prepare every fall!

All you need to do is to extract all the seeds from a nice whole pumpkin; wash them thoroughly with a very practical method and only after drying I will explain to you step by step how to roast the pumpkin seeds in the oven or in the microwave or if you prefer even in a frying pan!

The result does not change.

I love roasted pumpkin seeds naturally neutral, without salt ; but nothing prevents you from making tasty roasted and salted pumpkin seeds or seasoning them with herbs or spices to taste!





Quantities for 1 10 oz airtight jar


  • pumpkin seeds (the ones you have) mine 1 large pumpkin
  • water
  • salt (optional)
  • a pinch of spices to taste (optional)




First, retrieve the seeds from your pumpkin, obviously they will be attached to the flesh, gently pull them off and soak them in plenty of water.

Let it steep 30 minutes, after which you better wash your seeds, trying to dislodge all pulp residue with your hands. Soak again in water.

Leave for another 30 minutes, then drain and dry thoroughly, trying to remove any pulp for good.

Finally place to dry on a clean tea towel.
Best if in the sun.

If you can’t expose them to the sun, don’t worry, just leave them in a dry place away from damp. Change the dishcloth after a while so it is completely dry.

Your seeds will need to dry perfectly before they are roasted, and this may vary from situation to situation.

You will need to keep them a minimum of 36 h . maximum of 4 to 5 days. To tell if they are ready to toast, they should form that transparent film on the surface, an indicator that the seed is dry! then remove the film and proceed to toast.

Baked roasted pumpkin seeds

Arrange them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.

Bake in a preheated oven at 300 F for about 45 minutes. Time should be monitored and may change from oven to oven!

Always check your seeds! and evaluate the coloring! You can add a pinch of salt or spices to taste, or even a drizzle of oil; I prefer them au naturel!

Pan roasting variation :

The seeds will be crispier and golden brown on the outside ; place them in a large nonstick pan on a low low flame with a lid, turn occasionally, they will be ready in about 50 minutes.

Microwave roasting variation:

Place the pumpkin seeds on the microwave plate and cook for about 10 minutes, turning at about 2 minutes.

Here are the roasted pumpkin seeds ready! Ready to munch and season!


If they are au naturel, they keep perfectly 6 months in airtight, perfectly clean jars, preferably sterilized

The oiled ones should be cooked and eaten immediately.

The salted and spiced ones keep about 4 to 5 months


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