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First of all, what is tipping (in Italy called “mancia”)?

Tipping is a sum of money over and above what is owed that is given as a reward for service rendered (especially in the restaurant and porterage business).

If you are planning a trip to Italy and do not know what to do about tipping, this article will clear up all your doubts.


In almost all restaurants you pay the “coperto,” a small amount (usually from 1 to 5 euros per person).

This amount covers cutlery, napkins, glasses.


As an Italian who was born and lives in Italy I behave this way.

If the food and service were excellent, when I pay the bill, I leave a banknote on the table (usually depends on the number of diners but the range is from 5 to 20 euros).

Again though, this is my modus operandi.

Feel free to leave nothing if you are not at all satisfied with the service or leave a more generous tip if the service and food have positively upset you.





At the restaurant

– Tipping is equivalent to 10% of the amount to be paid, to be left on the table in cash. If the cover charge is included in the bill, you can limit yourself to 5%.
– At the bar, just leave some change in the tip saucer.

At the hotel

– For each maid on the floors, 1-2 euros are left attached to a thank-you note.
– For room service 1-2 euros should be left.
– The porter should be given 2 euros per suitcase.

By cab

– Tipping is unusual, but it is okay to round up.
– 1-2 euros should be added for loading and unloading heavy luggage.



Deserved tip

If the service was attentive and punctual, the food tasty and the experience overall pleasant, the decision is easy to make: the tip should be left.

In a good restaurant calculate about 10 percent of what you spend; in a trattoria or other establishment generously round up the bill to the next 5 to 6 euros.

Poorly deserved

Of course, no matter how expensive or renowned the restaurant is, if the service was not up to par, the tip is not due.

An easy-going waiter, clumsy, slow, distracted service is capable of ruining any meal: to avoid embarrassment, you can go and pay directly to the cashier.

Hopeless at all:

is when the joke is not easy but vulgar and respect a mirage on the horizon.

And it doesn’t just happen in cheap or suburban venues, it happens more often than you think in emblazoned ones.

If you find that the wait staff is wagging their tails at the table of the food blogger on duty, leaving you at the mercy of an endless wait, go ahead and leave a penny or two of tip well in view on the table.

It will be a clear sign of your dissatisfaction.


Roman style (Alla romana)

Even if the bill is divided among many diners, it is possible to leave a tip: all the more so if the waiter and kitchen have managed to get all the dishes, perhaps completely different from each other, to the table at the right time.

However, it is not elegant to force other diners to make the same gesture: to add a tip, wait until the collection of dues is complete, or just round up your share.

Others, if they feel like it, will do the same.

By card

The service in the restaurant was commendable, but you really don’t have cash?

No problem: at the time of payment you can ask that you also be charged an amount corresponding to the tip you would like to leave.

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