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The origin of the term “pepperoni” to refer to pepperoni in pizza has its roots in the United States and has some linguistic confusion with Italian.

Actually, in Italian, the word “peperoni” refers to peppers, the vegetable, and not to pepperoni.

Peppers (in Italy called PEPERONI)

Peppers (in Italy called PEPERONI)


The pepperoni commonly found on Pepperoni Pizza is a U.S. product called “Pepperoni sausage.”

Pepperoni Sausage



This type of sausage emerged in the late 1800s in the United States and has similar characteristics to Milano salami, with a fine grind.

Linguistic confusion may stem from the fact that in English, the word “pepper” in Italian means “pepe,” and adding the suffix “-oni” created the term “pepperoni,” which may be mistakenly associated with peppers in Italian.

It is important to note that in Italy there is no product called “peperoni” in the context of pepperoni.

The mistranslation of “Pepperoni Pizza” in American movies contributed to the confusion, as it was often translated as “pepperoni pizza” in Italian, creating a misunderstanding between vegetables and pepperoni.


In summary, the term “pepperoni” in the context of pizza in the United States refers to pepperoni, but this term and product are not present in Italian culinary tradition.


What Pepperoni Pizza looks like

Pepperoni Pizza is not as many might think a pepperoni pizza, whose name has been mispronounced, adding a p, but a pepperoni pizza.

In fact, Pepperoni sausage is the name of a sausage that originated in the late 1800s in the United States, characterized by a fine grind very similar to that of Milano sausage.

In Pepperoni Pizza, the cheese is put on the dough before the tomato and the sausage is added just before the end of cooking.



Pepperoni Pizza is the favorite of Americans

Pepperoni Pizza is the most widely consumed in the U.S. In fact, the production of this sausage exceeds the sum of all the salami volumes produced in Italy. About 113 million kilograms of it are consumed annually.

The Best Pepperoni Pizza

It is said that the best version of this dish can be eaten in New York at John’s of Bleecker Street, in fact the pizzeria would still follow the recipe devised in 1929.

The Italian version

In Italy we do not have an identical version of Pepperoni Pizza as this sausage is not imported into our country.

The Italian equivalent, however, can be found in pizza alla diavola, prepared with homegrown cured meats such as soppressata, spicy salami, and ‘nduja, tomato and fior di latte mozzarella.

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