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As you may have guessed from the title, this is not the traditional Neapolitan soup, much richer in terms of the varieties of vegetables and meats used in its preparation.

This for me, is simply β€œthe December 26 soup,” the day on which my mother-in-law, has always brought this extraordinary and succulent dish to the table!

And needless to say, I prefer her version….os I would say: much lighter!



  • 4.4 lbs of escarole
  • 10 cups of your homemad chicken broth
  • 14 oz of ground veal
  • 2 eggs
  • The crumb of a stale bread roll
  • 2 generous handfuls of grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (approximately 1 cup)
  • Salt, and pepper if you like



Prepare the escarole:

Clean and boil escarole in water for about 10 minutes.
Remove the escarole from the water and let it drain.

Prepare the meatballs:

In a bowl, mix the ground veal with the eggs, bread crumbs (soaked in milk and well squeezed), Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, salt and pepper.
Form small meatballs, slightly larger than an olive.

Cook the meatballs in the broth:

Bring the chicken broth to a boil.
Drop the meatballs into the boiling chicken broth and cook for a few minutes.

Add escarole:

Add the boiled escarole to the broth with the meatballs.
Allow to cook and blend the flavors for another 10 minutes.


Serve hot, generously sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese.

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