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Gnocchi with shrimp, zucchini and pistachio pesto is a first course with a delicate flavor that will make you look great with your guests!

On Thursdays I love to make gnocchi, just as the saying goes.

But do you know why such a saying exists?

In the postwar period, Christian tradition was observed, so on Fridays you had to have a “lean” meal.

To cope with the meager menu on Fridays, on Thursdays people would prepare a big dish of gnocchi, hearty and caloric!

They were prepared with homemade tomato sauce, but today I present them to you in a more modern key.








In a saucepan, we put a round of evo oil,a clove of garlic and a pinch of chili pepper.

We close with the lid, and brown the garlic.

After about three minutes, we put in the shrimp carapaces and heads, cover again with the comperchio and sauté for five minutes.

We put in half a glass of brandy, let it evaporate, turn off the gas, and lift the heads and carapaces, pressing them well so that all the cooking juices escape inside the pan.

At this point ,after removing the heads and carapaces we put in the flesh of the shrimp and brown, then lift them up and place them on a plate.

In the same pan we put in the diced zucchini, brown them for a few minutes.

We lift them from the pan and place them on a plate.

At this point inside the pan we put in 500 ml of water, add salt to taste, cover and heat until almost boiling.

We put in the gnocchi and cook for five minutes then turn off the gas.

We uncover and put in the pistachio pesto, stir and add the shrimp meat, wilted zucchini and continue stirring.

At this point we serve, decorating to taste.




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