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Patate m’pacchiuse, also known as ‘mbacchiuse are a typical Calabrian side dish, from the city of Cosenza to be exact.

These potatoes get their name precisely from the fact that, once cooked, they turn out to be stuck together.

To make this dish it is necessary to choose yellow-fleshed potatoes: the type of potato in fact is very important for the success of the recipe, since this type of tuber, in fact, holds up better to frying: it does not break during cooking and does not absorb too much oil.

Potatoes ‘mpacchiuse are a simple side dish of clear peasant origin with an unmistakable taste that goes well with both meat and fish.







  • 8 potatoes (yellow-fleshed)
  • 3 red Tropea onions (or you can use other red onion)
  • extra-virgin olive oil to taste
  • salt to taste



Let us take our potatoes and wash them well.

Let’s peel them with a potato peeler in such a way that we can remove more skin than flesh ( sometimes the knife is never very precise, unless you are very good at it).

Now with a good kitchen knife let’s cut them into slices.

Just make sure they are neither too thin nor too double.

What is important is that they are all the same .

Rinse them well under cold water to remove all excess starch.

Now we peel the Tropea onion or at any rate the red one ( which turns out sweeter, excellent).

Let’s cut that into thin slices as well.

Let’s take a nice large, nonstick skillet.

We make a generous round of olive oil ( the good one) and cover the whole bottom ( as with fish, potatoes also have an extraordinary relationship with oil. The more the better).

Now we turn on the flame and as soon as the oil starts to heat up we insert both onions and potatoes.

We do not add salt yet ( it is important).

We cover with a lid and let it cook on a low flame for 10 minutes.

We then lift the lid and continue to cook, still on a low flame and with a lid, for another 5 minutes.

We remove the lid, add salt and turn very gently.

We continue to cook for another few minutes until the color is nice and tan.

Serve at room temperature.

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